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OpTic Texas have won their home major, securing themselves their first title of the franchise-era of the Call of Duty League.

Their title comes in their home city of Texas. The team moved to the lone star state after the OpTic-Envy merger over the winter.

Their previous best placing in the Call of Duty League under OpTic branding was 2nd. They lost to Atlanta FaZe in the Grand Finals of Week 7 of the 2020 Call of Duty League.

The team has changed lots since then. The team that lost to FaZe in 2020 consisted of Dashy, Kenny, TJHaly, Slasher and Chino. Most of OpTic’s regular stars were off competing with the Chicago Huntsmen.

Fast-forward two years and the team meets FaZe in a Grand Finals once again. But this time on the main stage in front of a raucous Texas crowd, all roaring on their beloved OpTic team.

Scump, Dashy, iLLeY and Shotzzy are the four names that will go down in history for winning OpTic their first Major title since franchising. They did so in dominating fashion.

OpTic looked good for the win all weekend long. They seemed to have impenetrable armour in front of their home crowd.

There was just one moment when they seemed to have a chink in that armour. FaZe ran out to a 2-0 lead in Winners Semi-Finals. OpTic rallied back and completely smashed FaZe in the last three maps of the series to complete one of the most remarkable reverse-sweeps in CODLeague history.

That series was closed out on Tuscan SND, with OpTic playing utterly perfect Call of Duty. The team managed to sweep FaZe in Map 5, progressing on with a 6-0 win.

The new kids on the block, the London Royal Ravens, waited in Winners Finals. They couldn’t stop the relentless momentum of the OpTic team. They managed to win just a single map in the series as they failed to resist the irresistible force of OpTic.

Grand Finals

A rematch with FaZe was poetic as the team looked to back up their previous reverse-sweep with a more solid and commanding performance. That performance they got and they managed to do it in style.

They traded the first two maps, FaZe took a Round 11 on Desert Siege to keep things tied early. OpTic then took Control as they won on Gavutu – a map that has become a specialty this season.

OpTic wins sandwiched one FaZe map as the two teams battled out a trilogy on Tuscan. Those two map wins left OpTic at match point.

It came down to a Berlin SND. OpTic were 3-2 and 4-3 down at points in the map but they took three rounds on the bounce to close out their first Major title.

The team will now immediately turn focus to Stage II qualifiers, with no break for the teams after the Texas Major, they’ll be straight back in action this weekend. 

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