Panda Global have announced the Panda Cup, the first ever officially licensed NA circuit for Smash Bros.

The tournament will feature both Smash Bros. Melee and Smash Bros. Ultimate and will run from late June until December.

The six-month-long event will have a $100,000 prize pool attached to it. Panda Global are encouraging all players to come and try out their skills at these events.

Their announcement said: “The Panda Cup is open to eligible players who believe they have what it takes to go head-to-head against the best competition.”

Tournaments will be played on the Nintendo GameCube system.

There will be four ways for players to qualify for the grand finale event in December.

There are eight LAN events. They will be community-driven and are to be held in the US, Canada and Mexico.

There will also be eight online events, where players don’t have to travel to compete.

A panel of community experts will hand-pick players to take part. They will identify those with “impressive performance and potential”.

Finally, there is to be a “Last Chance Qualifier” tournament, with the final spots at the Finale event on offer.

Full list of LAN events:

CEO, (Daytona, FL) – June 24-26
GET ON MY LEVEL (GOML), (Toronto, ON) – July 1-3
Smash Factor 9, (Cholula, Puebla) – July 29-31
Lost Tech City, (San Antonio, TX) – September 30-October 2
The Big House 10, (Detroit, MI) – October 7-9
Let’s Make Moves: Miami, (Miami, FL) – October 28-30
Saving Mr Lombardi 3, (Irvine, CA) – November 12-13
Dreamhack Atlanta, (Atlanta, GA) – November 18-20

There are no dates for the online events yet.

The Finale will be held in Los Angeles and all 32 finalists will have travel and accommodation paid for them by Panda Global.

The Last Chance Qualifier will happen on December 15, the day before the main Finale event. It will be open bracket format, with the top two players from both Ultimate and Melee making it to the Finale.

Photo via Panda Global

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