Paris Legion is among three teams planning imminent changes to their starting Call of Duty League rosters.

Legion are set to hand oJhnny a chance in their starting lineup, in place of John.

He was the centre of Twitter drama earlier this week after an unnamed player asked Clayster to make him monitor cam for upcoming online matches.

This was supposedly down to the difference in quality of his performance online, compared to those that he had during the Toronto Open LAN event.

LAG changes

The Los Angeles Guerrillas are also going to make a change. They will move Kris “Spart” Cervantez back into the starting lineup.

It is unclear at this time who will be dropping out of the team, but it could be either Peirce “Gunless” Hillman or Obaid “Asim” Asim.

LAG are on a torrid run of form and have won just a single series since winning the Major 2 tournament in Minnesota.

The team were beaten three times at the Pro-Am, including by the Toronto Ultra Academy NA side.

They even lost to Paris Legion at that event, one of just a handful of wins that Legion have this campaign.

Florida rostermania

The initial feeling in the Florida camp was that they were going to make one change. It was expected that Neptune, Yeez and Majormaniak would be among players to trial for the squad.

Now it is looking like the team will make two chances with Davpadia and Reece “Vivid” Drost both seemingly getting dropped from the roster.

Currently it seems like Neptune and Majormaniak are the two players slated to take up those positions but things could change with the way that the trials work.

All of these teams are trying their best to make the World Championship at the start of August.

They all risk missing out. There are just 20 CDL points separating 6th and 10th in the standings.

More teams will likely follow suit. These won’t be the only changes that teams make.

London already made a change. They brought Gismo back into their starting roster.

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