The ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) have provisionally suspended three unnamed CS:GO coaches ahead of PGL Antwerp.

The suspensions come as a result of an investigation into historical use of a spectator bug.

Although unnamed, the ESIC did state that the investigation was tied to two more serious variants of the spectator glitch.

These variants are known as the Third-Person bug and Free-Roam bug.

The free-roam version of the bug is considered to the be the worst of the three.

Just three coaches are understood to have used this bug. They will be given unique punishments “due to the distinct and particularly egregious nature of the Free Roam Spectator Bug”.

Those three coaches are the ones who have been immediately suspended.

Dexerto’s Richard Lewis reported at the end of March that “as many as 52” coaches could face bans of some kind.

The other variants of the Spectator Bug will have less serious repercussions.

The Third-Person bug will see coaches banned for 30 days for each round the bug was used in.

For example, if a coach had used it in three rounds, they’d get a 90 day ban.

ESIC released a lengthy statement on the supposed use of the Spectator Bug but it is only a prefix to a longer and more conclusive announcement.

The statement confirmed: “ESIC will make a series of releases that notify charges that ESIC intends to impose on the affected participants.”

The ESIC investigation has been ongoing since 2020. One of the biggest problems for the investigation is trying to determine who has used the bug intentionally and then who has used to it to gain information.

This statement comes just days before the start of the PGL Antwerp Major. It looks like a follow-up announcement may come shortly after.

Photo via ESIC

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