After winning the APAC LCQ, PointBlank OCE will represent the region in the first world Challengers Championship event.

They took out the former Renegades Roster “Orgless” in the Grand Finals of the APAC LCQ.

The Roster

The LCQ was truly a revenge tour for Kori “Jazhn” Mounsey.

Winning the event in the face of his former roster after being replaced by Max “Restalling” Zlatanovic must have felt amazing.

Aaron “Lymax” Butcher was the star of the team during the Last Chance Qualifier. He really turned up and showed that he could potentially be next up from the region.

He had the highest K/D on his team in the first best of five in Grand Finals, followed by dropping a 1.43 K/D in the winning series.

70 kills in the three maps they played in that second best of five was an incredible effort from the Aussie.

They haven’t got the same Pro-League pedigree as other rosters in APAC but still boast lots of quality.

Lymax, Kai “Cronus” Pearson and Alek “Immense” Durdev became a roster in the middle of Cold War. They’ve stuck together all the way since April 2021.

They played under VOID Collective for two Cups and an Open.

PointBlank picked up the roster at the end of March and they’ve been with the Org since.

This season

This roster has had several second-place finishes in Cups in the second half of the season.

The former roster, including Restalling, won Cup #4 in APAC.

They were kept at bay for the majority of the season by the ex-Renegades “Orgless” roster.

It was eventually that roster that they managed to take down when it mattered most.

The two teams squared off in three series across the LCQ.

PointBlank came away with the win in the upper bracket final. Orgless took a Tuscan Hardpoint to open the series before being blown away by PointBlank’s gunskill.

A rematch was earned in the Grand Finals.

It was nearly looking grim for PointBlank after they were swiftly dispatched in 3-0 fashion in the first best of five.

They found a ridiculously good regain and bounced back to sweep the second series to take qualification.

It’s the second tournament that the team won as a unit. They also won an APAC LAN event. They took down Mindfreak in the final of that.

Round 1 Match

It doesn’t get harder for PointBlank than it does in their first matchup at Champs.

They will take on the [1] seeded Toronto Ultra Academy NA squad. The impervious giant of Challengers competition has dominated the scene this year.

It would take something unbelievably impressive for them to upset the best Challengers roster in the world in LA.

What to expect

If we are being realistic, the expectation should be that PointBlank will be comfortably beaten by the Toronto Ultra Academy NA team.


It will more than likely be a lot closer than people are expecting it to be.

With the nature of Call of Duty: Vanguard and the fact that it will instantly be the biggest match of all four members of PointBlank’s respective careers, anything could happen.

This roster will do its best to show the world why they deserve to be in amongst the eight best in the world.

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