Amer “Pred” Zulbeari and Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi both stepped up to their a-game in order to help Seattle Surge secure a map five win against the New York Subliners.

The win was the first Call of Duty LAN match in Canada in the CDL era. They managed to seal out the victory in round 11 of Tuscan SnD.

Both Pred and Accuracy relished the atmosphere of the venue.

Accuracy told The Rotation: “This actually feels like a major, the crowd is great and the vibe of the city is great.”

Pred added: “I haven’t been to many events, I’ve only been to four our five. the vibe of Toronto in general is absolutely amazing.”

The way that they secured the win in the series was far from routine. They went 2-0 up and headed into Berlin Control having not lost a map on the mode in Stage 3.

NYSL then launched an epic comeback. They managed to take Berlin 3-2 before then winning a Gavutu Hardpoint, a map that Seattle haven’t won all season.

The Tuscan Search that rounded out the series couldn’t have been any closer. NYSL ran out to a 5-3 lead and very nearly took the series.

“We’ve been through insane game fives.”

Surge have now had nine map five situations and nine round 11 situations this season. They’ve won seven of those nine round 11s.

Accuracy said: “For us, we’ve been through insane game fives so far this season.

“We’ve been through multiple round 11s. We had to have the memory of a goldfish and put the last two maps to the back of our minds to win. Shout out Ted Lasso, all we want to think of is the next map.

“We were all just trying to focus up and stop thinking about the lost rounds. Trying to get that out of mentality is what’s important.”

New York went 5-3 up in the map after a crazy round of Tuscan. Seattle managed to get a team kill off the rip before then being in a 2v1 and losing the round.

Accuracy said: “I was top church and I thought, no way this is how we were going out. It went from the worst possible round to oh my god, we can win this. Then we still lost the round.

“It was a rollercoaster of emotions in that round. We just wanted to have a calm and normal round.”

Pred added: “I blacked out. I saw the bullet fly past me and I didn’t register that it hit a teammate. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Both Pred and Accuracy expressed their confidence heading into the rest of the tournament but the Australian thinks consistency is key.

He said: “The confidence level in our team is through the roof at the moment.

“For us it’s more about consistency. when we stick to our game we’re a really good team.”

Seattle will play the winner of OpTic vs Florida in upper bracket round two.

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