100 Thieves have announced “Project X”, their first foray into video game production.

There is very little information about the title, with production only just getting started on the project.

Project X was announced on Twitter, via an official account for the project.

Nadeshot released a statement to give a glimpse into why Project X exists.

He said: “I’ll never forget the feeling I had playing Halo 2. Racing home from school or work to jump into a night of ranked. Grinding for hours to level up.

“I can still vividly remember those games – Call of Duty, Pokemon, Starcraft – I’d never had so much fun competiting. I’ve been thinking about a lot of those games recently.

“It was the magic of those games that made me fall in love with video games and made me realise I wanted to make this my career.”

100T are one of the most recognisable brands in esports, they have their own apparel line and make some great content.

The competitive background that Nadeshot and 100T has, lends itself to the idea that the 100T video game will be comp-focused.

John Robinson, 100T Chief Operating Officer said: “For a long time we didn’t think this was going to be possible. We’re making this game with our pros and with the community.

“Even though making games is really hard and really challenging, we think that doing it this way, we have a good chance of succeeding.”

Thieves have been in business since 2017 and have gone from strength-to-strength since their founding.

The project itself

Pete Hawley, executive producer of Burnout Paradise, has come on board with the project as Chief Product Officer.

He has also previously worked on Fable, Killzone and worked for Electronic Arts to boot.

His commitment to the project is a fantastic sign of intent from 100T to produce a high-quality offering.

Development is “super super early” and 100T are holding off on giving any kind of information about the game itself.

But in a video on Twitter, Nadeshot eluded to the fact that they may have already decided a genre and direcetion for the game.

With Nadeshot’s ever-growing love of Valorant prominent in his streams over the last few months, it would not be a surprise to see a similar game come out of the 100T studio.

Photo via 100T

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