Byron “Prolute” Vera was thrown into the OpTic Texas roster earlier this week. Now he’s playing a starring role in sweeping victories for the team.

OpTic are the first professional team to take Prolute on as a player despite the amount of success he has had in Challengers.

He came into the team to fill in for the injured Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal. iLLeY is still recovering from a thumb injury that kept him out for the Pro-Am.

During the Pro-Am, OpTic lost 3-0 to the Florida Mutineers. On the roster as the fill-in on that occasion was Jordan “General” General.

This time around, the story was the complete opposite. Prolute stepped up to the plate and emphatically delivered.

He managed a ridiculous 12-3 K/D on Search and Destroy in the series against Florida. He tore it up so much that Seth “Scump” Abner didn’t get a kill until deep into the map.

After the series, Prolute complimented his OpTic teammates, claiming he’s never had players on his sides that have that much quality.

He said: “It’s insane coming from challengers. I’ve been grinding for years and I’ve never played with players this good.

“Their system works so well. All I had to do was come in and play my game.”

Byron donned an iLLeY jersey on the broadcast of the game. He boldly claimed that he needed one of his own.

Prolute said: “Inder is gross but I need my own jersey. He’s my boy though and I hope he gets better.”

On the back of that impressive SnD performance, it is apparent that the pace in Challengers is much different to the professional league but the quality is very close.

Prolute added: “I feel like there’s not really much difference.

“In Search and Destroy I think that many of the pro players play scared. No-one’s making a play and I’m just running at them half the time.”

Public reaction

OpTic fans and the wider Call of Duty fanbase were all quick to give Prolute a serenade on social media following his fantastic outing against Florida.

One fan called him an “SnD master”.

Many have also clambered for him to get his own spot in the league.

And the man himself says the team are coming together nicely.

Photo via Call of Duty League 

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