Havard “rain” Nygaard stole the show in the PGL Antwerp finals as FaZe beat NaVi to take home $500,000.

He finished the series with a 107.9 average damage per round, a frankly ridiculous statistic.

He, alongside broky, both dropped over 50 kills, providing FaZe with an unbelievable advantage when it comes to slaying ability.

FaZe’s control on Nuke was enough to see them sweep the series after an agonisingly close affair on Inferno.

They showed prowess on both T and CT sides on Nuke, with the all-round nature of their squad showing through and coming good.

Map one in the series quickly became one of the most-viewed maps in CS:GO esports history. It amassed over 1.5 MILLION concurrent viewers.

The Stockholm Major final still eclipses that though, with a mental 2.78 million concurrent viewers to its name.

It went all the way to overtime on Inferno, with both sides going back and forth in holding the lead.

Both sides split the two halves of the map completely evenly, winning five rounds on CT side each.

FaZe then took control in the one and only overtime period in order to see out the map 19-16 in their favour.

NaVi looked like they were going to make Nuke another close contest with the early stages of the map showing both teams’ quality once more.

IGL Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov could only manage 23 kills across the two maps, 15 in map one and just  seven on Nuke.

FaZe were just the better, more clinical team on the day and now walk away with the Major title. They walk away with a handsome payday of $500,000.

NaVi and FaZe have both now won a Major this season, with this being FaZe’s first CS:GO Major title as an organisation.

Photo via PGL

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