ReKTGlobabl, the group that owns the London Royal Ravens Call of Duty League team and the Rogue esports team has been acquired by Infinite Reality.

The deal is to be worth a total of $470m in stock. The relatively new metaverse company, Infinite Reality garners a $2Bn equity valuation. That allowed the organisation to acquire the ReKTGlobal brand.

This will mean that Infinite Reality will take control of all of ReKTGlobal’s companies. That includes the Ravens and the esports team, Rogue.

It also includes other companies, such as TalentX – a company that manages talent, with some very big stars under their wing.

Greenlit Content is also now under the Infinite Reality banner. Greenlit Content is a production company focused on creating in the esports space.

ReKTGlobal Founder and Chairman Amish Shah, will continue to run the company.

“You’ve seen FaZe Clan and 100 Thieves dabble in NFT’s and others thinking about doing what they want to do, even Steve Aoki, one of our investors, has built the A0K1VERSE,” Shah said.

“But [what] we wanted to do is buy a company in this [web 3] space. Then I met John [Acunto, Infinite Reality CEO], we got talking and it just makes perfect sense on how we could be accretive to each other’s businesses and get there quicker and faster.”

Nothing looks set to change in terms of the actual esports teams – for the time being at least. By the sounds of it, Infinite Reality will only look at expansion. They’ve also committed to not having any lay-offs whilst the takeover occurs.

There’s very little information about Infinite Reality out there but their CEO John Acunto told Forbes that it is by design.

Acunto said: “I’m happy to hear that there’s not a lot out there,

“We sort of made our pivot from being a social network into being more metaverse focused, and entertainment focused, we then changed our name to Infinite Reality.

Infinite Reality also own Thunder Studios in California, a venue that may see use in the coming years with both the Rogue brand and the London Royal Ravens brand.

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