The Call of Duty League Major 3 is upon us. Rokkr have secured a [5-0] record and head into the Major as the #1 seed.

But do they top our Power Rankings?

1 – OpTic Texas (No change)

Despite the loss to New York last weekend. OpTic are still the top team in the league at the minute. It was quite clearly an anomaly.

Ant “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro went 1/10 in Search against NYSL but then exploded against the LA Thieves to remind everyone of his quality.

They should be favourites to take the title at the Major next week. It is, though, much closer at the top than previously thought.

2 – Minnesota Rokkr (Up 1)

An obvious change to the power rankings here. Minnesota Rokkr move up one to be the second best team in the game.

Their [5-0] record throughout Major 3 qualifiers should speak for itself. Beating FaZe to round that out was really special.

Colt “Havok” McLendon’s introduction to the team has been revolutionary.  He has brought another level of speed to the team in a game that desperately needs teams to play with pace.

3 – Atlanta FaZe (Down 1)

FaZe are a really strange team at the minute. They don’t seem to be pushing for the top spot in the power rankings but you can never count them out.

They are, after all, one of the most experienced and successful rosters that have ever been put together. It’s just a case of the game not really suiting them perfectly.

They lost 3-0 for the first time as a four this weekend, meaning that they’ve rightly moved down a spot here. Don’t count them out for making a ridiculous run at the Major.

4 – Toronto Ultra (No change)

Toronto Ultra are hitting form just at the right time. Just before they head to their home town for Major 3, they’ve found their footing in the game.

They finished out their Major 3 qualifiers with a [4-1]  record. They secured a couple of impressive wins this split and their only loss came in game five against Minnesota.

In order to be considered one of the top teams once again, they need to make a run in the major.

A round one match against FaZe is going to be tough for them but if they take the win there, then they’ll be right onto some top progress.

5 – New York Subliners (No change)

Subliners pulled off one of the shock results of the weekend by not only beating, but dominating OpTic Texas.

In doing so, they handed OpTic their first loss in qualifiers since Major 1. They will have to do some work to back that up though.

They have losses against FaZe and Toronto against them this split. That being said, they won’t have to face either of them until the upper bracket final.

They could face the revenge of OpTic in round two though, should they get past the Seattle Surge.

6 – Seattle Surge (No change)

Speaking of Seattle. They’ve been one of the most inconsistent teams in the league this season but they do look to be hitting some form heading into the Major.

They beat London and Florida this weekend in order to get some momentum underneath them heading into the Major.

Amer “Pred” Zulbeari will need to keep up his good form in order to give the team a chance of making a deep run in Toronto.

7 – LA Thieves (Up 2)

Somehow. Someway. The LA Thieves look not awful. Their Major 2 run was abysmal and it took a long time for them to regain and get themselves back to a position where they’re confident heading into matches.

The introduction of coach ShAnE has been an instant impression to the team, winning their first series with him as part of the setup, 3-0.

They look like a different animal now that they’ve added ShAnE to the setup. It could just be a bounce of adding to the roster. We will see in Toronto.

8 – Florida Mutineers (No change)

Florida and LAT both contested the worst match of the CDL season on Sunday night. They both competed in a position where both teams wanted to lose.

The winner of the match faces OpTic in upper bracket round one in Toronto. Florida won and will be in need of an incredible result on LAN.

That being said, the team have recovered from Covid and are on their way back to being a middling team bouncing around the middle of the pack.

9 – Boston Breach (Down 2)

Boston continued their downward trend this weekend. They lost to both the LA Thieves and the Florida Mutineers last weekend.

It’s difficult to really put a finger on why Boston have gone on a downward spiral but the team need a jolt of life if they are really make an impact in Toronto.

They’ll face either LAT or Minnesota Rokkr in their first lower bracket match of the Major.

10 – London Royal Ravens (No change)

Something just doesn’t feel right with the London Royal Ravens team. They were quite comfortably a top three team in the early stages of the game.

Now the team are struggling for any kind of momentum. Harry “Harry” Payne has come into the lineup and it’s just not the same.

The quality of the individual players has been nothing short of impressive this season but something just doesn’t feel right at the minute.

11 – LA Guerrillas (No change)

LAG finished Major 3 qualifiers [1-4] and their loss to FaZe gives them no reason to move up this list. They’ve really struggled since the Volk GA.

They will start in the lower bracket of the Toronto Major and will need to go on an even more impressive lower bracket run than Major 2 to win.

They could end up facing OpTic in their first match too. It’s going to be a tough time for them. If they get rounded, it could be time to change.

12 – Paris Legion (No change)


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