Toronto Ultra Academy NA player and substitute Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst made a fantastic start to his CDL career during his cameo appearance for Ultra’s starting roster.

The 19-year-old set the stage alight with his performance against NYSL, finishing the series with more kills and a better K/D than anyone on his team.

Scrappy was well known for his Search and Destroy antics during Cold War, and seemingly, that has translated straight into the CDL.

Scrappy’s 8/2 and 10/6 stat lines in the two SnD maps of the series really go to show how much of an impact he made on the series.

After the match, Scrappy called out Crimsix’s poor performance.

He said: “I’ve been playing SnD since I was 12. Crim is ass. He stood no chance. SnD is pretty f****** easy, I’ll give you that.”

He was only put into the lineup because Jamie “Insight” Craven was sick with food poisoning. Scrappy most certainly took the opportunity though.

Scrap added: “I just tried to fill. Mine and Jamie’s playstyle isn’t really the same so whatever the boys needed, I just tried to help them.”

Scrappy’s performance is the latest in a long line of Challengers players who have made an instant impact in the league. Their pacing and game knowledge is incredibly underrated.

It’s the kind of stuff that you learn from getting a ridiculous number of competitive reps outside of scrims.

The frequency of Challengers competition is more than that of the CDL, leading to more players playing at 100% more regularly.

Scrap is the second Ultra sub to get a chance to show their ability in the main roster this season. Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks filled in during a 3-0 romp of the Florida Mutineers in qualifiers for Major 1.

The win against NYSL puts Toronto within one win of securing a start in the winners bracket of their home Major at the start of June.

Crim’s “40-bomb”

It wasn’t as rosy on the other side of the matchup. Crimsix tweeted just after losing the series that it was “the worst series” of his life.

Undoubtedly one of the best players ever to play Call of Duty, Crim really struggled against Toronto.

In Control, he went a staggering 18/42. What was even more shocking, his team managed to win the map.

His team kept him in the series though and they could have even gone on to win map five. NYSL were 3-0 up in the final map of the series but lost six straight rounds to fall to a 3-2 defeat.

NYSL are now 2-2 in Major 3 qualifiers, they need to win their only matchup next weekend to make sure that they guarantee a start in the winners bracket in Toronto.

That one matchup? OpTic Texas.

Photo via @Notepres

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