Custom Controller maker SCUF and Team WaR have announced a new partnership.

WaR join a very exclusive group of teams that are partnered with the brand. They now stand amongst the likes of OpTic Gaming and Luminosity.

The new deal comes into place in time in for Champs, meaning that Team WaR will wear the SCUF logo on the sleeves of their jerseys.

It is a combination of one of the world’s biggest gaming companies and one of the biggest organisations in Call of Duty Challengers.

Team WaR CEO Kevin Pichardo told The Rotation about how he dreamt of signing with SCUF one day.

He said: “This partnership means the world to me.

“I’ve been using SCUF controllers since 2013 and always dreamt about getting partnered with them.”

Team WaR have always tried to do things in a correct manner. They have shown time and time again that they have a commitment to the Challengers scene.

Pichardo said: “This partnership solidifies to me that Team WAR is on the right trajectory and doing things the right way.

“Content is super important to us, and with the little resources we have, I believe we are doing a great job.”

The deal with SCUF will be the latest in a line of really impressive brand deals for WaR.

Pichardo added: “We have now worked with Turtle Beach, BenQ, and now SCUF. Three giant gaming companies that we believe in.

“Hopefully, we get a boost at Champs with the SCUF logo on our sleeve!”

Team WaR are competing at Challengers Champs. Their roster of Denza, Maple, Harry and Wardy will take on D1 Gaming [7] in their first game of Champs on Friday (August 5).

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