Activision has announced what will be coming with the Season 3 update to Call of Duty: Vanguard on April 27.

The season has been dubbed “Classified Arms” and will feature a collaborative event with Godzilla and King Kong called “Operation Monarch”.

There are just two new multiplayer maps coming to the game. Just one of which will be available at the launch of the season.

That map will be called Mayhem, and will feature “fast-paced combat” according to Activision.

The Activision blog says: “Move quickly and take center stage in this warehouse-turned-mock-city.

“The roughly three-lane design has an open roof that you can rain Killstreaks down on.”

An even smaller map, called Sphere, will release in-season.

One of the biggest additions to the game will be the Trophy System. The ability to counter grenades and other utility items has been missing from Vanguard.

Sledgehammer had initially said that it wouldn’t be “realistic” to include a Trophy System in Vanguard.

With the addition of Attack on Titan collabs and other extremely unrealistic dynamics in the game, they were left with no choice but to side with the players.

New ranked rewards will also come this season. New pro-player packs including player signatures, much like Cold War, are also alluded to.

Two new weapons and three new operators are also slated to be added to the game.

The Junkyard Jet sledgehammer melee weapon will also make an appearance.

The length of Season 2 was really exaggerated. The fact that we’re now halfway through the game cycle, these changes are extremely underwhelming.

The lack of maps and new content that is aimed at the competitive aspect of the game is borderline unacceptable.

Neither of the new maps will realistically be added to the competitive rotation, leaving us with the same limited map pool.

Warzone changes in Season 3

The focus on Warzone continues for Activision with the majority of major changes based on the island of Caldera.

A new Point of Interest will appear in Caldera. Dig Site will reveal huge skeletons of Kaiju.

Several existing POIs also have updates. Runway, Peak and Lagoon all have changes.

Peak is now fully built. The construction crews are gone and the buildings are fully erect.

There’s also a new Gulag for players to enjoy. “The Hold” is the name of the new area for players to battle it out one on one.

Players will fight in the belly of a boat, set off the coast of Caldera.

Photo via Activision

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