For the first time since starting our Power Rankings, we have seen a seismic shift in the makeup of the Call of Duty League.

We finally have a new team on top but it won’t shock you who it is.

1 – Seattle Surge (Up 5)

Fresh on the back of winning Major 3, and beating FaZe twice, it’s hard to see anyone but Seattle top this chart.

Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi helped his young roster through the trials and tribulations of the Major in order to secure the organisation’s first chip.

Seattle are now the only team in the Vanguard to have beaten both OpTic and FaZe, so rightly, they are top of our Power Rankings for the first time.

2 – Toronto Ultra (Up 2)

Right, hear us out.

We know that Toronto Ultra lost twice to Atlanta at the Major. They arguably should have beaten them the second time round.

We could be proved wrong incredibly quickly with this one but the fact that they went on the lower bracket run that they did, beating as many different teams as they did, they come in at number two.

They will come up against FaZe again in the Major 4 qualifiers and beating them online in those qualifiers could really solidify Toronto as a top two team once again.

Toronto were genuine contenders for the Major 3 title, and will need to translate that into times that they don’t have the home-town buff.

3 – Atlanta FaZe (No change)

FaZe have now lost all three Major Grand Finals this season. They’ve lost to three different opponents during that time span.

They’ve fallen to OpTic Texas, Los Angeles Guerrillas and now Seattle, losing twice to the latter at Major 3.

Don’t get it twisted, FaZe are still and elite team in the league, there’s just now more elite teams around than there were previously.

4 – OpTic Texas (Down 3)

Granted, OpTic played pretty much the entirety of Major 3 with a substitute.

But they still don’t look like the dominant force that they were going to be back in Major 1.

They’ve now had two, back-to-back, really disappointing showings on LAN. Getting bounced from round one of the upper bracket in Toronto before being eliminated by the LA Thieves.

Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal not yet returning is a blow to them but they’ll have to show up and play their best CoD regardless.

5 – LA Thieves (Up 2)

One word to sum up the resurgence of the LA Thieves? Shane.

Octane and co. have been on a big bounce back into form in recent weeks, topped off with a wonderful win over OpTic at Major 3.

They have been completely different since Shane came into the team and there has been a real culture change in their camp.

Whether or not it makes them a solid contender is something that we’ll see develop over the course of the Major 4 qualifiers.

6 – Florida Mutineers (Up 2)

Florida a.k.a OpTic Texas Hard Counter. They moved to 3-0 against OpTic on LAN after they bounced them form the upper bracket in Toronto.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story of the team and the fact that they are looking at making multiple changes ahead of Stage 4 says all you need to know.

With Majormaniak and Neptune coming into the squad fresh on the back of winning the Toronto Open, this team could be heading to the next level.

They’ve made the right choice in keeping on both Owakening and Skyz, as hard as it is to see Davpadie and Vivid leave the team, this probably will work out for the better for them.

7 – Minnesota Rokkr (Down 5)

From 5-0 online, to a complete disappointment at the Major. Rokkr were eliminated from Toronto’s Major by the home team.

They looked a shadow of their online form on main stage and will need to rekindle that online confidence real quick.

Another team that is on the bubble of missing out on Champs, they’re going to need all of their might to make sure they get a good run heading to New York.

8 – London Royal Ravens (Up 2)


London looked much better at Major 3 than they had done in recent weeks. The team are taking another step forward with the reintroduction of Gismo to the starting lineup.

The team were a top three team during the start of the season when Gismo was in true “JGlizzy” form.

If he can return to the roster and bring that same form and energy, then London could be a scary prospect for Major 4 and Champs.

9 – Boston Breach (No change)

Boston are such a strange team. At times this year they have looked like they can truly hang with the best. Right now they look a shadow of that.

We’ve seen teams put aside consistency to win, as recently as Seattle winning the Major. Breach really need to shift theirs in order to secure and solidify their champs place.

The addition of Vivid to their starting roster could prove to be the change that drives them into the next level.

10 – New York Subliners (Down 5)

NYSL are yet to win a series on LAN this season. They are 5-15 in map count on local. Another double-rounding in Toronto and the team are on the brink of losing out on Champs.

They are one of the teams that have fallen adrift from the pack, with points scoring lacking when it really matters.

The Pro-Am win, which “doesn’t count” according to Sam “Octane” Larew, doesn’t help them in their bid to qualify for Champs.

They may still make a change before Major 4 qualifiers come around, with the team starting to come to the realisation that qualifying in the top eight may be out of reach.

11 – Los Angeles Guerrillas (No change)

It’s crazy how much of a slope that LAG found themselves on following their Major 2 victory.

They didn’t win a single series at the Pro-Am and the won just one of their online matches in the lead-up to Major 3 – against Paris no less.

The reintroduction of Kris “Spart” Cervantez may come as a lift but this team are going to need to find some real momentum real quick.

In theory, their Major win should be enough to carry them through to Champs, but they could get dragged into the mix if they aren’t careful.

12 – Paris Legion (No change)

Maybe, just maybe, the introduction of oJhnny to the team at Paris will change their fortune for the better.

It definitely seems like a problem that is bigger than just one piece of the puzzle but Clayster’s former Challengers teammate will definitely give it his all.

Perhaps it’s finally some of the help that Don “Temp” deserves to have on his roster. Only time will tell.

Regardless, Paris need an absolute miracle to be able to qualify for Champs. They sit on just 20 CDL points.

Major 4 qualifiers start next week on June 24. They will run until the New York Major 4 tournament.


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