“I didn’t even know that I did that,” Cesar “Skyz” Bueno told us after going on 11 and 10 streaks against OpTic Texas.

His Florida Mutineers team moved to a 3-0 record against Texas on LAN this season with the 3-2 win.

He added: “If I know get a big clip then I know that I’m about to have a good series.

“I know that if I get a clip then the crowd are going to cheer either way and I use that to fuel me.”

Their 3-0 record on LAN against one of the best teams in the league is unbelievably impressive. It’s such a difference to the shaky look that they sometimes have online.

Skyz added: “We’re all excited. On LAN, we play way better. We feed off each other’s energy more. We knew that we were 2-0 against them on local.

“Everything’s so instant. There’s no ping advantages. We’ve been inconsistent online but we’ve never had a series on LAN where people think we’re horrible.”

The OpTic-favouring crowd is hard to not pay attention to as a player.

Skyz said: “We were really confident in our respawns. I’ve learned to tune the crowd out and use if for myself.”

LAN buff

Joe “Owakening” Conley also claimed that Florida have a “LAN buff.”

He said: “We feel like we have the edge over them on LAN. We joke about it and say that we have a LAN buff.

“For the fans we have to say “Who cares?” They’re just random people.”

Mutineers will move on to play against the Seattle Surge in the second round of the upper bracket on Saturday.

They’ll come back to prepare tomorrow to try and get ready for the challenge of a successful Seattle side.

He added: “We have to put it in the back of mind and move on to the next series. We’ll come back in tomorrow and play some scrims and to get ready.”

That match is scheduled for 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST on Saturday.

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