Tyler “Spartan” Ganza has dropped himself from the eUnited Halo team after the organisation allegedly attempted to sign FormaL.

Spartan is now without a team, moving himself to a benched role. He is seeking another team to buy him out from his contract with eUnited.

Both player and organisation have offered different views on why the fallout has happened.

Spartan says that trust within the team has been destroyed due to the situation.

He said on Twitter: “I’d like to make it clear that I have put myself here [on the bench].

“We have little to no faith in each other, trust is out the window, our chemistry downhill, our team play, everything.”

The issues between Spartan and eUnited supposedly began before the DreamHack Anaheim tournament.

Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes was allegedly attempting to get Nick “KingNick” Panzella dropped from the squad, with FormaL the replacement lined up.

Spartan continued: “Two weeks before Anaheim, just days before the roster lock, I get a random text from Nick at 3am asking why we’re trying to drop him.

“I’m like… what are you talking about? Come to find out Ryan is trying to have him dropped for FormaL.”

Spartan has also accused eUnited of holding him hostage in his contract, not allowing for the player to pursue other opportunities.

He said: “One team I would like to go to and they’re even willing to buy me out but eUnited is holding me.

“They plan on holding me until the end of my contract and not letting me go anywhere.”

eUnited responded with a statement of their own. They claim that Spartan will be free to explore chances to play with other organisations.

The team said: “eUnited has recently received some interest in Tyler but has yet to obtain a formal buyout offer in any form.

“In an effort to accommodate Tyler’s wishes we did reach out directly to another organisation to explore potential trade options.”

The team did also make sure that they were definitely trying to keep Spartan in the organisation.

The statement continued: “Our intention to to build around Tyler for the foreseeable future.

“We want to see Tyler succeed but ultimately we must make a decision that best serves the organisation and all the players on the team.”

Despite the clear issues in the squad, the team still went on to finish fourth in Kansas City.

They lost to both OpTic and Cloud9 to bring their Major run to a close.

There is some time before the next Halo Major, with the Orlando event taking place in September.

In the meantime there will be eight open events and a Regional Championship.

Action gets started at the end of May, with the first Open of Split 2 starting on May 29.

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