North American Challengers team, Stallions, have lost their funding from former professional Call of Duty player ZooMaa.

The streamer was the owner of the team but will now step away from his association with the roster.

The controversy in question comes from a clip that has appeared on Twitter.

Coach Vincent “VinnY” Gage, can be heard giving instructions to his players in the middle of map on Gavutu.

He can be heard in the clip telling Pat “Cryptic” to rotate during hardpoint.

ZooMaa addressed the situation on his stream, announcing that he was moving away from funding the team in Challengers events.

ZooMaa said: “The whole team has just been a huge headache.

“I think right now I’m going to have to take a step back and re-evaluate what I want to do with the Stallions brand moving forward.

“I’d love to have a challengers team but as of right now, I’m going to pull it back. I’m not going to be funding these guys moving forward.”

Coaches talking to players mid-game is a clear rule break in Call of Duty.

ZooMaa added: “This is a lesson they need to learn. They broke the rules.

“They need to learn that this was a rule break and it wasn’t ok. There’s nothing else really that I can say.”

The team were less than two months old, having formed at the start of March.

They placed third in NA Challengers Elite Stage 2 but that result will now be under the microscope after this coaching relevation.

They finished 5-6th at the Minnesota LAN event, missing out on qualifying for the Pro-Am by one round of action.

It’s yet to be confirmed whether the team will stay together following ZooMaa’s departure.

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