Eli “Standy” Bentz has officially signed for the Toronto Ultra. He joins the roster ahead of Modern Warfare 2.

The roster moving forward will consist of him, Jamie “Insight” Craven, Tobi “CleanX” Jonsson and Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst.

Toronto have made changes for the first time in a year and a half with the last time a substitution was made in their lineup being midway through the Cold War season.

That was when Insight was inserted into the team, to massive success. He helped the team to consistently strong finishes throughout the year including three Grand Finals.

One of those, they managed to beat Atlanta FaZe in order to take the second chip for the organisation.

They also got to the Grand Finals of the World Championship during Cold War, meaning that sticking together for Vanguard was almost inevitable.

Changes post-Vanguard

A more difficult season with problems in performance throughout the year led to speculation that changes were coming.

Both Ben “Bance” Bance and Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan were made Free Agents at the end of the season, with both sticking together on the new-look Minnesota Rokkr roster.

The easiest decision for Toronto Ultra was undoubtedly moving Scrappy to the starting team.

He had a coming-of-age year in the Challengers system, dominating often and showing that his personality is one that can match up to the big guns of the league.

He also had a brief moment to shine in the Toronto team last season, as he stepped into the roster for a single match.

Filling in for the missing Insight, he managed to put up a huge 1.26 K/D over the course of the series, helping Toronto to a 3-2 win.

Toronto then needed to find their fourth. They needed someone who was going to come in and complement CleanX well as a sub duo.

Initially, they had planned for Marcus “Afro” Reid to join the team but he was then pinched by Minnesota.

They then had Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks as part of their starting lineup plans but the availability of Standy once again relegated Hicksy to the bench.

Hicksy had his Toronto Ultra contract extended to the start of the Modern Warfare 2. He will be expected to continue playing in NA Challengers.

Another change that the team will have to deal with is coach Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland looking at other opportunities heading into the next season of action.

Full Toronto Ultra roster

Standy (Eli Bentz, USA)
Scrappy (Thomas Ernst, USA)
Insight (Jamie Craven, ENG)
CleanX (Tobias Jonsson, DEN)

Coaching staff

Mayhem (Mehran Anjomshoa, CAN)

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