Team WaR have been one of the most successful teams in Challengers history.

They have two titles to their name, in both Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare.

It didn’t quite go the same way in Cold War but their undeniable ability to compete at the top remains.

Now the team head out to LA to take part in Champs as the [2] seed.

The Roster

Playing Roster

Denza (Bjarne Sleebus, BEL)
Maple (Jack McCartney, ENG)
Wardy (Elliot Ward, ENG)
HARRY (Harry Payne, ENG)

Coaching Roster

Atura (Ricky Luga, USA) – Coach
Synical (Declan Blair) – Analyst

Since WaR came together as a roster this season, there has been little-to-no roster drama within their camp.

The only time they had to make a change was after Connor “Weeman” Chilton left the team to join the Toronto Ultra EU Academy.

In his stead, they brought in London Royal Ravens substitute HARRY. With his CDL experience this year, it was a no-brainer to bring in someone with his pedigree.

The real chaos came before Team WaR picked up the roster. Denza previously teamed with Harry alongside current Ultra EU players Stephen “Vortex” Allan and Weeman.

When Denza was dropped from the team, he helped form the Revenge Tour roster with Josh Watson.

Watson’s retirement from competing was the catalyst for the Team WaR roster to form, although they wouldn’t be under the moniker of WaR for a couple of months after becoming a team.

The team collaborated with M7 at the Minnesota Open event at the start of the season. The team went all the way to the Grand Finals of the event.

They stuck together all the way until Toronto. After that, Harry was brought into the team and Ricky Atura joined as a coach.

Since bringing Ricky in, the team have had a clear upturn in form.

This Season

Team WaR, understandably as the [2] seed, have been consistently at the top this season.

They have been winning all season long.

Denza and Wardy won Cup #7 together in the last event of Watson’s Vanguard season. They then moved on and took home the title in Elite Stage 2, under the new name Vengeance.

The team earned their spot at the Pro-Am with their success in Minnesota. They managed to take one best of five away from Toronto Ultra NA in the Grand Finals of the event but they couldn’t keep the momentum for the second.

The T16 finish in the Pro-Am seemed to be a knock to the confidence of the team and they struggled a little for form following the event.

Introducing Atura into the mix really helped bring the boys back to form and looked handy during Elite Stage 4.

WaR come into Champs on the back of a T6 finish in the Boston Open.

Round 1 Match

With the high seeding, Team WaR have a theoretically easier matchup in WR1.

They will face off against D1 Gaming, the qualifier from LATAM.

That does not mean that they are to be underestimated by any means.

D1 have history of beating European teams, beating Nixuh at Boston to secure a T12 finish. Granted two members of their roster have changed since then but they still ran rampant through the LCQ for LATAM.

It will be compelling to see how the two different styles of the two regions clash but anything less than a win for Team WaR can be considered a disappointment.

What to expect

Whether Team WaR do well or not at Champs will more than likely come down to the feeling of the team from game to game.

This roster feeds off the vibes of each other during every single map and if they can find a consistent way to be behind one another, then they’ll do well.

They’ll need Wardy to show his potential on the big stage. Given the fact that he’s been talked about as one of the “next up” players from EU this season, it’ll be interesting to see if he can do it on the biggest stage of the year.

Challengers Champs runs alongside the CDL Playoffs and will be contested tomorrow (August 5) and Saturday (August 6).

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