Team WaR picked up the former M7 x Electrify roster for this weekend’s Pro-Am.

Denza, Wardy, Weeman and Maple finished second in Minnesota, taking home $12,000.

Attention now turns to the Pro-Am for the team as they get ready to lock horns with the professional teams.

It’ll be the first time since the old CWL days that Challengers teams will get the chance to play against the biggest orgs in the world.

The significance of the event, particularly to the amateur players, cannot be understated.

That rings true for Team WaR’s Wardy, who is eager for the action to get underway.

He told The Rotation: “The pro am means everything to me.

“I’ve been waiting [for] a long time to play against the top teams in the game and [I] can’t wait.”

Team WaR will come up against the LA Thieves, New York Subliners and the London Royal Ravens in their group at the Pro-Am.

Wardy is looking to shock the pro players with the quality that the team has.

He said: “I think the pros will be surprised at the understanding we have of the game and talent we have in the team.”

The squad finished second at the Minnesota LAN event, which has gone down as one of, if not, the best Challengers event since franchising.

Wardy said: “[The] Minnesota experience was amazing.

“It was good to finally be able to play against all regions again and see who is  [the] best.”

Signed for Team WaR

Team WaR have been a mainstay in Challengers competition over the past few years.

Their teams have always had great success no matter the region they were playing in.

Picking up Wardy and co. was a no-brainer for them and Wardy is just as hyped by the move.

He said: “[It] feels good to be playing under a well established org.

“[It’s also] cool to represent such great people.”

The Call of Duty League Pro-Am starts on Thursday (May 5) and will run all weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

Photo via Team WaR

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