Team Xposed managed to come through the NA Last Chance Qualifier to qualify for Challengers Champs.

This team, despite their [6] seed for Champs, could be considered one of the favourites to take home the title based on their previous championship pedigree.

The Roster

*Boston Open roster was Clayster, FeLo, Venom and Davpadie.


Clayster (James Eubanks, USA)
FeLo (Tyler Johnson, USA)
Venom (Carlos Hernandez, USA)
Prestinni (Preston Sanderson, USA)

Coaching Staff

7omm1 (Thomas Gritto, ENG)
Paddy (Paddy Lincoln-Ohrstrand, ENG)

This roster needs no introduction. Led by the three-time World Champion Clayster, they have looked like a fantastic team since forming.

All four members of this team have loads of Call of Duty League experience at varying levels.

Prestinni spent two years in the league, finishing third at the World Championship in Modern Warfare on the Chicago Huntsmen roster.

FeLo has spent time at both the Paris Legion and Dallas Empire orgs in his time in the league.

Venom’s league experience came on the LA Thieves roster midway through Cold War.

The fact that all four of these players have played at a pro level for so long just shows that they have the undoubtable quality to win.

This season

The first event that this set of players played together this season was the Boston Open.

A decent performance in the North East managed to see them come away with a T6 finish.

Before that, they had all been on their separate rosters.

FeLo and Clayster have been teaming for a while. They’ve been together pretty much since they were both dropped from their League teams.

They’ve rallied through a few different teammates this season but have managed to come away with a couple of titles.

They won Cup #11 in NA and managed to finish top of the pool play in Elite Stage 4, even if they were then double-rounded in the bracket.

They also placed T6 in Toronto, showing consistency on LAN this year.

Prestinni was on the 705 Esports roster alongside Diamondcon, Classic and Royalty for a long time.

They were together as a four for most of the season.

He comes into Team Xposed as the only new face heading into Champs.

Venom was the star of the former Trash Bros. roster alongside Mock, Jintroid and Hollow.

He joined the team for Boston, whilst his former teammates finished T24 despite their [11] seed.

The team made a perfect run through the winner’s bracket in the LCQ. They beat Casey “Pandur” Romano’s Electrify Steel roster 3-1 in the Grand Finals to secure their place at Champs.

Round 1 Match

Team Xposed face one of the toughest oppositions in the tournament in round one.

Their match against Toronto Ultra Academy EU [3] promises to be a pure spectacle.

It’s impossible to call which team will come out with the win but whoever does manage it will count themselves lucky.

It should be a barnstormer of a contest that will see eight of the best players in the Challengers system all fight it out for a place in WR2.

They also have the experience of beating the Toronto Ultra EU side on LAN.

Clayster and FeLo managed to take them down in Toronto during the Challengers Open.

Now there are three different players in the mix across the two rosters, really spicing things up ahead of their WR1 matchup.

What to expect

If any of history is to go by, then this team should be competing for the title at Champs.

Clayster has shown time and time again that he knows how to win when it matters and if he can find himself in a comfortable position alongside his teammates in LA, then who knows what could happen.

This four have the potential to be the success story of the weekend when it comes to the Challengers competition at the Galen Centre.

Challengers Champs will take place on August 5-6.

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