Texas Senator Ted Cruz has partially blamed Video Games for the rise in school shootings in the USA. He was speaking at an NRA (National Rifle Association) convention.

His comments come in the wake of yet another school shooting in the United States. It is the 22nd shooting in a US school in 2022.

This most recent attack is by far the worst. There have been 22 deaths, including the suspect.  19 students and two teachers were victims of the attack.

The controversial figure Cruz has claimed that there are many contributing factors to why people continue to choose to attack schools in the US.

Speaking at the convention, he said: “Tragedies like the events of this week are a mirror forcing us to asking hard questions, demanding us to see where our culture is failing.”

He attributed the situation to a multitude of reasons. Including, but not limited to violent video games and opioid drugs.

He added: “We’re looking at broken families, absent fathers, declining church attendance, social media bullying, violent online content and desensitising the act of murder in video games, prescription drug and opioid abuse and their collective effect on the psyche young Americans.”

The sensible thing, as many countries of the world agree, is to outlaw weaponry that people use to conduct these heinous acts.

Cruz: “It’s easy to go to politics”

Even still, Cruz still thinks that politics shouldn’t be involved in the discourse following the Texas shooting.

He said: “There are 19 sets of parents who will never get to kiss their children goodnight again.

“It’s easy to go to politics, that’s where the media like to go. The proposals from democrats in the media, when a violent psychopath murders people, none of them will have stopped this.”

Discourse is always rife when incidents like this happen and it’s clear that something needs to be done to stop the level of fear that is instilled in so many Americans.

Something needs to be done.

Photo via Bryan Bell/Getty Images

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