The Rotation and Vitalize Esports and delighted to announce a long-term partnership. Both brands are committed to helping each other grow in the esports space.

This deal will involve both brands promoting and supporting each other. We will work together on multiple projects to try and bring content to the community.

Vitalize have been a constant in the EU Challengers scene. They also put good thought behind supporting AM Call of Duty in the form of running teams in the ACCL.

We believe a partnership with them will give both brands a unique opportunity to grow. We’ll remain committed to doing what’s best for each other for the entirety of our partnership.

Founder of the Rotation, Ant Stonelake is excited by the prospect of working with Vitalize.

“It’s definitely going to be a good partnership,” xe said. “I think we’re just both in the same mindset of giving the community something that they want to engage with.

“Going forward, I’m super excited to see what the team does both on and off the game of Vanguard. Let’s get this thing going.”

Charlie Skinner, co-owner of Vitalize, is equally as excited by the deal.

“Having the backing from one of the newest up and coming esports personalities is a great feeling as an owner,” Skinner said.

“With the motivation and ambitions from our team at Vitalize, as well as those same values with the team at the Rotation, it allows us to take those qualities and turn it into ideas that’ll see the partnership developing into something special.”

Skinner also looked forward to what the community can expect from the deal between the two brands.

“You can expect a nice Addition to our 2022 official jersey,” he said. “As well as this, you can expect giveaways, community nights and other occasions coming soon. We cannot wait to show you in the near future.”

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