The Rotation are proud to announce a long-term partnership with amateur Call of Duty League, the ACCL.

The ACCL have managed to start and maintain a fantastic player base. Some of Europe’s biggest and brightest Call of Duty talent regularly plays in their leagues.

The Rotation are delighted to be able to say that the partnership will help grow both brands. We will approach the ACCL with the same vigour and analysis that we would the professional league.

Founder of the Rotation Ant Stonelake, thinks that the two projects will work seamlessly together.

“I think it’s a no brainer,” xe said. “Prezzy and the team are doing a fantastic thing for AM CoD and they will continue to do so for a long time I’m sure. In my eyes, the absolute least we can do is give them the platform to tell their stories, from top to bottom.

“We believe every single person has a story worth listening to, whether that’s in the elite group, who play for thousands at a time. Or in the minnows of Division 7, where some of the most passionate and thoughtful people in gaming reside. We want to give everyone a voice.”

In line with the partnership, the Rotation will become official sponsors of Division 7 of the ACCL, reaffirming the outlet’s commitment to giving everyone, regardless of ability, their platform.

Founder of the ACCL, Prezzy, will feature in Issue Two of the Rotation, telling his story of how the league came to be and what the future may look like.

The Rotation will also be in attendance when the ACCL goes to LAN in May. We’ll be bringing you as much content from Sheffield as we possibly can.

Be sure to check out the ACCL on Twitter here. You can also join their Discord here.

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