Toronto Ultra have confirmed that they will host a LAN event in June. The event will run alongside Call of Duty Major 3.

The event will start on June 3 and will run until June 5.

This announcement comes following the success of the event in Minnesota. Toronto’s NA academy team, featuring Hiicksy and Vikul, won Grand Finals, taking home $24,000.

96 teams competed at the LAN event in Minnesota. Similar numbers would be expected in Toronto.

Teams were given less than a month to sort any plans for the Minnesota Major, with the event being announced during Major 1.

Toronto host their Major in June, giving teams over twice the amount of time to get themselves sorted and get their plans in order to fly out to Canada.

Adam Adamou, co-founder of OverActive, the company who owns Toronto’s Esports teams, announced the news on Twitter.

Adamou said: “The return to LAN for Challengers has been so much fun to watch.

“We’re going to be hosting a massive LAN tournament for Challengers at Toronto Major III as well.”

Casters attended the finals of the Minnesota Challengers event remotely. There was no big crowd. Adamou says that the finals of the Toronto event could be on the main stage.

He added: “I would love to see the final on the main stage in Toronto.”

Some huge names of the EU Challengers scene, who didn’t manage to make it to Minnesota have already thrown their names into the hat for a trip to Canada.

Gabe “Aroma” Hamshaw said: “I will do anything to be at this event man.

“Not being at Minnesota has made me realise how much I miss the boys I’ve met through all this.

“Wherever the next one is, I HAVE to be there.”

Problems that may arise

One of the biggest problems that could crop up with the event in Toronto is due to Covid.

The Canadian government still requires any visitors to the country to be double vaccinated against the virus.

EU teams who travel over would have needed the same requirement to get into the States but it could become an issue for US teams going north of the border.

Only five European teams took part in the Minnesota event, with two of them making it all the way to Top 3.

Hopefully there will be even more representation from this side of the Atlantic in Toronto.

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