Ultra Academy EU are looking to finally take themselves to the top step of the podium at a LAN event this season as go out to Champs for the biggest tournament of the year.

They’ve had two really strong finishes on LAN this year and will be looking to take that final step and take home the title in LA.

The Roster

Playing Roster

Furiious (Liam Osborne, SCO)
Vortex (Stephen Allan, ENG)
BEANS (Ben McMellon, ENG)
Weeman (Connor Chilton, ENG)

Coaching Staff

Joshh (Joshua-Lee Sheppard) – Coach
Roper (Adam Roper) – Analyst

When it comes to bad luck, Ultra EU probably couldn’t have had it worse. They have had the rug pulled out from underneath them on multiple occasions this season.

One of those occasions was just before their biggest tournament to this point, the Pro-Am. Harry “HARRY” Payne was ripped out of their starting lineup ahead of the event.

They had to find a replacement for the event, ending up playing with Rafi “Rafi” Kazi in what ended up to be a disappointing tournament in Columbus.

After that, they had Joey “Gismo” Owen in the team. He played from the Pro-Am right up until the Toronto Open.

Following that event, London rechanged their roster, with Gismo taking his place back in the starting lineup.

Ultra EU had to make another change and brought in Weeman from Team WaR. Weeman has been with the team ever since.

This season

Despite all of the chaos in roster changes this season, this team has been absolutely insane. It’s been one of the most consistent rosters in Challengers this campaign.

Lead by the veteran intelligence of Vortex, this roster consistently finds a way to be in and around the mix at the top.

Not only online, but they’ve also been right around the right end of the weekend on LAN too.

They placed third at both Minnesota and Boston events, putting two really impressive bookends on their season.

Ultra EU were also the best performing European team in Toronto, despite that event being a really poor showing from the region in general.

They’ve also got four event wins to their name since being taken on as the Ultra Academy in EU.

Not only that, the team have managed to nab wins with all three versions of their team.

A win came early in their original guise with a win in Cup #7

The most successful period of the season was when Gismo was in the lineup with three events and an average placement of 1.3.

Cup #10 and Elite Stage 3 were both won in that period.

Weeman then came in and instantly won with the team, taking Cup #12.

The team are hitting form again now, right at the right time. Two third places back-to-back including the Boston Open puts them in a wonderful position heading into Champs.

Round 1 Match

Ultra Academy EU have one of the biggest box office matchups of the first round at Champs.

Vortex and co. will take on James “Clayster” Eubanks’ Team Xposed [6] in the curtain raiser.

You couldn’t really ask for much more out of a match at Champs. Clay, one of the most successful players in League history, taking on SteVo, one of the most successful players in Challengers history.

Not just that, they’ll have the backing of BEANS. Ben is one of the biggest prospects in Call of Duty and has shown his quality time and time again this season.

It’s going to be one of the matches of the tournament.

What to expect

It’s hard to put a finger on exact expectations for many of the teams at Champs. With the format the way it is and with the quality of everyone so congested, it’s difficult to say who will go far.

Should Ultra Academy EU take down Team Xposed, they will more than likely be right in the mix at the end of the tournament. They could easily go all the way to the top in LA.

Their ability to read the game, with the knowledge of the Vortex being quite literally second to none, they will be an opponent that nobody wants to face.

Challengers Champs starts on Friday (August 5) and runs over two days. Ultra Academy EU are seeded [3] for the event.

The winners of Challengers Champs will take home $100,000.

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