Valorant have given the first look at their newest agent. Fade is Valorant’s “Turkish Initiator” and will come to the game next week.

Her cinematic shows Istanbul rendered in the staple Valorant art style.

The cinematic also hints at how Fade’s abilities will work in game.

She’s shown to use shadows to her advantage as she picks off the agents in Valorant’s roster one-by-one.

Judging by the video, tweeted just before the final of the VCT Masters event in Reykjavik, Fade may have a giant smoke monster as her ultimate ability.

That is pure speculation at the moment, with more details to come on the new agent over the next few days.

Pro players will get early access to Fade following the end of the VCT Masters broadcast. They are being encouraged to stream, capture and share reaction to the newest Agent to the Valorant roster.

You can watch the cinematic here:

Photo and video via Riot Games

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