VALORANT’s 4.08 patch brings changes to old and introduces brand new. Here’s the breakdown of everything coming with the new update.

Agent changes


Fade will be added to the game today (April 27).


Changes to Tailwind ability

Upon pressing E, Jett consumes her Tailwind charge and after a .75 second delay, activates a 12-second window where she’s able to dash on next key press.

Jett’s Tailwind charge can still be regained with two kills.

To keep parity with the changes to Jett dash, the functionality for Dash during Knife rounds in Escalation will be adjusted.

VALORANT’s patch notes said: “The team loves what Jett has continually brought to the fight, but as the game has evolved, some of her impacts have pushed beyond what we think is healthy for the tactical promise of VALORANT.


Battery energy received upon killing an enemy increased from 25% to 100%

High Gear

Slide cannot be cast during equip delay.

Velocity restriction removed.

Neon can now slide sideways and forward, and only requires that she is moving.

Energy drain increased from 6.7/s to 10/s.

Fast Lane

Wall damage removed.

VALORANT claim “this change is intended to push Fast Lane into a more attractive option for Neon”.


Owl Drone

Duration reduced from 10 seconds to seven seconds.

Health reduced from 125 to 100.

Dart Reveal

Number of reveal pings reduced from three to two.

Initial delay before first ping reveals increased from 1.2s to. 1.6s

Delay between the first and second ping remains 1.2s.

Shock Dart

Max Damage decreased from 90 to 75.

Radial damage has been scaled in accordance with new max damage.

Jett’s Bladestorm, Raze’s Showstopper, and Sova’s Hunter’s Fury will now show how much ammo they have left when equipped.

Competitive changes


Reduced Rank Rating gain/loss penalty for different five-stack configurations.

If EVERYONE in your party is Iron–Diamond 2:

No RR penalty if within normal grouping.

25% RR penalty for all players if any player falls outside of normal grouping.

If ANYONE in your party is Diamond 3–Immortal 3 (but no one in your party is Radiant)

25% RR penalty for all players.

If ANYONE in your party is Radiant

75% RR penalty for all players.

Tuned matchmaking to reduce wait time for five-stacks.


Fixed a bug where Jett could find herself unable to use abilities or weapons. Would happen when using Tailwind immediately after depleting her Bladestorm daggers.

Fixed a bug where Yoru could teleport out of bounds when using Gatecrash.

Fixed various exploits allowing Yoru to use weapons before fully decloaking at the end of his ultimate.

That’s everything from the new Valorant patch. Let us know how you’re getting on in the comments below or on Twitter.

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