Treyarch lead game designer Lawrence Metten told The Rotation that there are no current plans for a solo/duo queuing option in Call of Duty: Vanguard ranked play.

Currently, players will match up against anybody else queuing at the same time.

A solo/duo playlist would allow players playing alone or with one other friend to avoid running into teams of four.

Many players have been clamouring for the option to be added.

Even Minnesota Rokkr head coach Brian Saint tweeted asking for Treyarch to it.

The developers are looking at the way the game is balanced when playing alone.

Metten said: “We hear the feedback on the current solo experience and are taking a close look at the balance between solos and parties.

“We don’t currently have any plans for a solo/duo queue only option.”

How matchmaking works

Metten also confirmed that strength of opponents affects amount of skill rating gained and lost in ranked matches.

He said: “Beating better players will increase your “HPR” and should result in bigger SR gains compared to beating weaker opponents.

“If you’re outperformed by weaker opponents you’ll lose more SR than you would otherwise.”

He also shed some light on the logic behind matchmaking. There are many occurrences that see people match with players of varying ranks.

It can lead to frustration for some when they rank in Advanced or Expert, teaming with players of a similar rank. Then they end up playing against higher ranked opponents.

Metten said: “The system considers both visible Skill Division and hidden ‘HPR’ when forming matches and balancing teams.

“A player who is in Expert but has a higher ‘HPR’ that they haven’t yet reached may find themselves in more matches with Elite players, for example.”

The hidden player rating is an enigmatic value that there is very little public understanding of.

Metten was very limited in what he could say in regard to it. The rating is constantly changing.

He said: “I can’t reveal too much but HPR is always adjusting based on your personal performance relative to the skill of other players in your matches.”

Ranks to reset at start of season three

Vanguard will reset Skill Rating ranks at the start of Season 3 on April 27.

Ranks will reset at the start of every season of Vanguard.

There were calls for a mid-season reset of Skill Rating from some fans, when penalties weren’t in place for leaving matches.

Metten said: “We’ve always planned to have a Seasonal SR Reset each Season in Vanguard.

“Back in February there were some requests from players for a mid-season reset that we said we didn’t want to do.

“The plan has always been to reset SR at the start of Season 3.”

Treyarch remain engaged with the Vanguard playerbase and will continue to monitor the leaderboards going forward.

They hope that the reset of the ranks will keep things fresh for players all year.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how this goes over with players but the current plan is to reset each Season to provide a fresh season grind and Top 250 battle.”

Photo via Activision

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