A new update to Call of Duty: Vanguard went live on Tuesday. It changed some fundamental aspects of the way the perk system works in the game.

The change moved perks to different slots in the game. Meaning that the combination of different perks that could be used had been altered.

It is no longer possible for players to use perks Double Time and Ninja together.

This wrecked havoc on the dynamic of the Elite Stage 3 playoffs, which started just 30 minutes after the update went live.

Many amateur players completely renounced the timing of the changes, citing how difficult it can be to adjust that quickly.

That update, which caused so many issues, will not be used in this weekend’s CDL Major 3 Qualifiers.

It will also not be used in next week’s Toronto Ultra Major 3 tournament.

But as always seems the case, it’s one rule for the pro players and one rule for amateurs.

The Challengers event that runs alongside the main Major tournament will run on the retail version of Vanguard.

That means that they will have to put up with the changes that have been made, just weeks before a tournament with a $75,000 prize pool.

Call of Duty esports General Manager, Daniel Tsay confirmed the news on Twitter.

He said: “This weekend’s CDL competition and Toronto Ultra Major 3 will be played on VG’s 5/16 game patch.

“We will update to the 5/24 patch after the Major has concluded.

“Challengers will run on retail for the Toronto Open.”

This news will understandably upset many Challengers players.

Just recently, Doug “Censor” Martin’s teammate, Dan “Ghosty” told us that he thinks there is “a clear disconnect” between the league and the Challengers system.

This latest news further proves that Dan may indeed have a point.

Photo via Activision

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