Team Singularity’s Javi “Vikul” Milagro is getting attention from teams in the Call of Duty League.

At least three teams are interested in acquiring the SMG player after his fantastic season with the Toronto Ultra Academy NA roster.

Toronto Ultra and Florida Mutineers are both interested in bringing him into their respective setups. Other teams have also had their interest piqued by the Spaniard.

It’s unclear what roles these franchises are seeing Vikul filling during the Modern Warfare 2 season but he would fit in absolutely anywhere.

People have questioned Javi’s visa situation but with three months until the start of the new season, it would not be a problem whatsoever for him to acquire a P1 visa in time to play.

Vikul’s 2022 season

Vikul had a sensational year in North American Challengers competition. He was part of a team that ran rampant throughout all of their competition consistently all season.

The team came away with LAN victories in Minnesota and in Boston. Those tournament victories came in no small part due to the contributions of Vikul.

He placed second at Champs and second at Toronto’s Major 3 Challengers tournament. The team averaged a 1.5 average placing on LAN this season.

Vikul developed his abilities throughout the year and quickly became one of the most dynamic and lethal SMG players in all of Challengers.

His unrelenting pace became one of the strongest attributes of the Ultra side that went on to be so successful.

As the year went on, his slaying ability continued to improve. He reached his peak slaying ability during the Boston Open. The introduction of Adam “Assault” Garcia to the Toronto Ultra Academy NA roster enabled him to play a completely different kind of Call of Duty.

After the Boston event, Ultra NA coach Charles “Mystvc” Johnston told The Rotation about Vikul’s development.

He said: “[Assault] was going to enable Javi to go rogue and be a crazy pushout sub. Boston was some of Javi’s highest engagement CoD the whole season.

“He was able to because Adam was the slow, balanced piece. Javi could just go rogue, that’s something that I’ve been trying to bring out of him for a while.”

That adaptability to help the team win regardless of which kind of style he’s being asked to put together is an incredible intangible that any team should consider a strong asset.

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