Steve “Vortex” Allan is heading over to Toronto with ambitions to come away with the win in the Challengers Open.

His Toronto Ultra Academy EU team have been on fire lately. They took home the crown of Challengers Elite Stage 3 Champions.

At 24, he’s been through it all as a competitive Call of Duty player. This experience makes him want to win every single event.

Vortex told The Rotation: “[The] goal is to win, simple as that. That’s all I’m interested in at this stage of my career.

“My experience has earned me instant respect amongst my peers especially in the last few years.

“It makes it very easy to lead in the way I like to which is to go in depth and get on the same page for stuff as much as possible.”

The team are carrying huge confidence as a group with the recent successes that they’ve had. They have an average placement of 1.5 across the last four events that they’ve taken part in.

That includes the group stage of the Elite Stage 3.

Vortex added: “Confidence is massive but there’s a balance of confidence and ego that always needs balancing when having recent success.

“It does seem to be a massive factor on this game, more so team confidence than anything else.”

Even so, it still has been a tough season at times for Vortex and the team. They struggled to really get any momentum going until recently.

Vortex told us: “The season has been mostly frustrating and disappointing.

“It has helped me develop more character and having to try and work harder than ever to keep pushing and getting the team in shape.”

EU supporting EU

There always seems to be some real friendship and brotherhood between EU players that travel over to NA for events.

Vortex said: “I hope to see fellow EU teams perform this event especially the two Spanish teams.”

Both AYM Esports and Rokkr Academy had somewhat disappointing performances in Minnesota. Much unlike the quality that they have displayed before and since.

“I think Minnesota didn’t give a good representation of how good those teams/players are and I expect them to get to the final stages of the tournament this time around.”

The Toronto Open starts on Friday, June 3. It will run all the way to Sunday. Chances are there will be no broadcast of the event until Saturday.

It runs alongside the main Call of Duty League Major 3 event.

Photo via Team Singularity

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