Sentinels have announced changes to their Valorant roster. Jared “zombs” Giltin is moving away from the starting team.

The team announced the move on Twitter, but reinforced the fact that he will remain part of the organisation.

The statement said: “Zombs” is stepping down from the active Valorant roster.

“He is still rich, handsome, and a part of Sentinels.”

Zombs had been part of the Sentinels roster since they decided to make the move into Valorant in 2019.

He will now be allowed to pursue content creation or other opportunities on other teams.

The move will come as no surprise to Sentinels fans, with the team having practiced without Zombs in the last few weeks.

At one point it was rumoured that Jay “sinatraa” Won would be replacing him, but that’s since been proved not true.

Kanpeki signs

Eric “Kanpeki” Xu is the man to come into the team. He signs from the Akrew roster.

His name has been listed under the registration page for the upcoming open qualifiers. The team confirmed the move on Friday.

Members of the team were able to welcome Kanpeki to the squad in the video on Twitter.

Tyson “Tenz” Ngo said: “Kanpeki, he’s a good friend of mine and he did play for the tier two team Acrew.

“He’s cracked. I will say that he’s pretty nerdy. He has some Kay/O tech.”

Kanpeki coming in to play as Kay/O will mean that Hunter “Sick” Mims will move to a smoker role.

This may not be the last of the Sentinels changes heading into the NA VCT Challengers Stage Two. They’re also actively looking for a coach to be part of their setup.

VCT Stage 2 Open Qualifiers NA start on April 28.

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